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Year Two


Our children understand that the speed of the beat can change, creating a faster or slower pace (tempo). They can keep the pulse using body percussion and instruments, whilst responding to changes in tempo. They can identify the beat groupings in familiar music and songs. 



Our children play copycat rhythms, copying a leader and can invent rhythms for others to copy. They can create rhythms using word phases. They can create ostinatos and play them throughout a  short song or piece of music. They can read and respond to chanted rhythm patterns and represent them using rhythm notation. They can also create their own rhythm notation. 




Our children play a range of singing games based on the ‘so-me’ interval, matching voices. They sing short phrases independently within a singing games or short song. They respond using actions to pitches they hear, such as ‘low-high’ for stand up and ‘high-low’ for sit down.


Our children can recognise ‘dot notation’ and match it to 3-note tunes played on the tuned percussion. They compose a graphic score, using a musical line which changes in pitch. They then incorporate different vocal sounds and body percussion to their score. They are musical superstars!


Our Year 2 children are taught to play the recorder using the correct hold. They copy simple rhythms and then create their own rhythms using 3 different notes (B, A, G). They work with a partner to improvise simple question and answer phrases to create a musical conversation. They learn and perform simple tunes using 3 notes, reading formal notation on a stave.


During our final Year 2 ‘Together Time,’ our children perform several simple tunes to their families and our school. 

We have so much fun learning how to play the recorder together.

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