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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 Classes

Potter and Tolkien



Welcome to Year 5 Classes:

  • Potter with Mr Fleetwood
  • Tolkien with Mrs Talbot
  • We are lucky that Mrs Waddington spends time in both classes. 


In the Autumn term, Year 5 children learning all about the Vikings and we explore the different ways they travelled, lived, fought and told stories. 


In the Spring Term we cover space in science whereby we learn all about the planets. We introduce the children to the Mayans where we will study their culture, activities and day to day life.


During the Summer term, we focus on learning about South America. We study the different countries, compare cities with Harrogate, and look at the diversity of habitats and key landmarks. 


We always work hard to build on the school values through our '5 R's' - please ask one of our class members what they are and how we demonstrate them from day to day. We develop these in year 5 in order to prepare them for Year 6 and further education, as well as supporting them to become well rounded members of society. 



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