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Year 5

In Year 5, our children learn about Pop, Rock and Blues music. They learn how to compose call and response songs and pop songs. They also learn lots of information about stringed instruments and learn to play... the ukulele! It is so much fun! First of all they learn to play different chord sequences, then they learn to play simple melodies and finally they learn to put the chords and the melody together. Step aside George Formby as the following photos illustrate our fabulous Year 5 ukulele superstars! Get ready to be impressed...

We are learning lots of information about stringed instruments. We can name their body parts, such as pegs, strings, f holes, belly, back, bridge, ribs, finger board, bow, spike, neck, scroll, saddle, frets, fretboard, tuner and soundhole. We certainly know lots of information! We have also learnt how stringed instruments are similar and different.