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Year 3

Our Year 3 children have a fantastic time during their weekly music lessons by developing their recorder skills. They learn to play different pitched notes and notes of different values, such as quavers, crochets, minims and semibreves. They have lots of fun learning to play in unison, in groups, with a partner and by themselves as a solo. 


All our children love singing. They learn to sing a widening range of songs of varying styles and pitch. They perform actions confidently and in time to a range of action songs and can change the speed of their singing as the tempo changes.


Our children also learn fascinating facts about folk music and woodwind instruments. They are able to use the correct musical terminology when decribing music, such as tempo, structure, texture, pitch, dynamics and timbre. They are also able to use some Italian terms. 


When composing, our children can improvise using their voices and instruments. They also learn how to compose using the pentatonic scale. They really are musical superstars!


Take a look at some of our exciting learning opportunities... 

We learnt lots of facts about a flute.

We love playing our recorders.

We learn lots of fascinating facts about different sized recorders.