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Vincent van Gogh

We have been learning about the artist called Vincent van Gogh. We learnt lots of interesting facts about his life and enjoyed writing a report about him. We were surprised to learn that whilst van Gogh was only an artist for 10 years, he managed to make over 1,700 drawings and paintings.   We were also really surprised to learn that he only managed to sell one of his painting during his lifetime. We thought it was really funny that he stuck candles in his hat so he could carrying on painting in the dark! He must have been very resilient and dedicated.


We then focused on his painting called 'Starry Night.' We recreated images of it using fabrics and objects. Then we painted our own Starry Night pictures. Firstly, we painted a colour wash background. Then we used thick paint to create our own versions of the painting using his distinctive 'broken brush stroke' style. We returned to our paintings several times to build up the colours to improve our work.