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The Extra Mile

Our wonderful Extra Mile work can be found in -  EYFS, KS1 and KS2 Home Learning 2020-2021 - Reception - Extra Mile

"Tangerines" said Handa, "That is a surprise". Well done for retelling the story of Handa's surprise Sophia. We love your Playmobil fruit and veg shop too.

You have been busy improving your cutting skills Rihana. What a lot of fruit and veg in the basket. Great job.

What a busy boy you have been Ethan- we are soooo proud of you.

You have made fruit and veg faces, sorted fruit and veg, printed pumpkin faces and had great fun on your bike. What a star riding on 2 wheels.

Fruity faces- great work Imogen

Arran has been busy going the extra mile by exploring fruit and vegetables.

Some amazing colour exploring from Pearl class!

Ralph has been busy colour mixing. He mixed different shades of his favourite colour green

Ava has been busy exploring colours for her pictures and building using different coloured lego.

Autumn colours.

Amazing colour work Alistair. We love the way you have sorted your leaves into colours. It must have taken you a long time but I bet you had a great time collecting them. It's like a leaf rainbow! Love it! Great job!

Super sorting by colour and vehicle Ethan. Can you find other things to sort at home?

Amazing home learning in Diamond Class. We are super proud of you all.

Practising the colour names and your writing skills too. Great working at home Imogen.smiley
Alfie has painted some wonderful colour monsters from our book 'The Colour Monster'. Alfie even made up his own gold colour monster for feeling excited! What a great job you have done!
What an amazing colour picture!
Our first extra mile contribution . Well done- what an amazing rainbow. You used your collage skills and your pen skills to complete a fab picture. You are a star.smiley
Another amazing picture. What a superstar. Thank you for working so hard at home and school.smiley
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