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The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London 1

In the Summer term we learn all about The Great Fire of London. We learn about Samuel Pepys.


To know where and why the fire broke out, and talk about the main events in their own words whilst looking at pictures and having listened to the story.


To place the event on a time line and sequence the main events of the fire. To compare life in the 17th century and life now, using the diary of Samuel Pepys.


Show understanding of the causes and effects of the fire. To know why the fire spread so far for so long, and to discuss what makes cities safe from great fires today.


Words associated with buildings, timber framed, plaster, thatch ,church, abbey cathedral, rebuilt.

Words associated with fire eg flames, roaring, sparks, smoke, destroyed, saved.

Expressions describing reasons and results eg because, reason, result, effect.

Words associated with the passing of time a very long time ago, began, next, then, after, at last, finally.

Words associated with sources of information eye witness, diary, first hand.
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