£3194.39 - Well, that's a lot of money for Saltergate children. Congratulations everyone - the Community Fun Day was a beautiful event.
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In the spring term we learn all about 'Homes in the Past.

This is such a fun unit and we usually have a whole day dedicated to learning all about what it was like to live in the 1900's. We dress up, play games and gain a first hand experience of what it was like. We also have a trip to Beamish.


Children will learn:

To understand and experience first hand what it was like to go to school in the Victorian period.

To explore the similarities and differences between school now and school in the Victorian period.


To use the setting of a workhouse (The Chapel in The Pit Village) to immerse the students in the Life and Times of Pauper children at the beginning of the20th century.


To develop the capacity to identify with and empathise with children suffering the hardships of the 1900s.

To explore the notion of Childhood through the times by comparing and contrasting their experiences with that of the 1900s children.


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