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Things might feel a little bit different in the world right now but look at all the great experiences and fun we have been having at school. We are great learners and have made some amazing progress already.

Knowledge organisers and Extra Mile can now be found in the Home learning area.

We will try and move the Extra Mile work we have already posted across to the new area as soon as possible. Thanks- Reception Team

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2020/ 2021


Autumn Term

We are looking forward to our learning this term.

We will start with a lovely book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. It will provide lots of talking opportunities , exploring our own lives and chatting to our new friends about who we are.

Stories will form the backbone of our curriculum and we will continue to read some lovely stories.

We will explore colour through the charming stories of Elmer and Winnie the Witch. The Colour Monster stories will help us to identify feelings.

Handa's Surprise, Oliver's fruit salad, The Enormous Turnip and Oliver's vegetables will allow us to explore the topics of fruit and vegetables.

We look forward to exploring the school grounds to find out about Autumn and the changes we can see and experience at first hand.

Funnybones will help to kick start our topic about Ourselves.

As Christmas approaches we will explore celebrations- our own birthdays, Diwali, Bonfire Night and then of course Christmas. Phew! What a lot we will learn. The knowledge organisers will provide you with some valuable information about the vocabulary the children need to know and use as they explore the topics. There will be ideas for activities to reinforce work covered in school- "The Extra Mile"-you can send your work to us digitally and we will include it on our Reception pages.


We are excited to explore and learn this year.

Autumn Term

This term will see us jump into some amazing books such as Handa's Surprise, Oliver's vegetables and Oliver's Fruit Salad.

We will cover topics such as fruit and vegetables, learn about celebrations such as birthdays, Harvest, Diwali and Christmas and find out about Autumn with a trip to the Pinewoods as well as developing our own learning interests.

We will learn to follow the schools Golden Rules and enjoy being a part of the school community.

We will continue our reading and writing learning journey. You will be delighted with our progress.


Spring Term

This term sees us continuing to learn about the world around us ,talking about Winter and then Spring.

We will learn about the animal world with a look at pets.

Traditional Tales will form part of our work this term and we will learn about lots of lovely stories. A visit to the library in town and World Book Day will enhance our learning.

Celebrations we learn about will be Chinese New Year, Pancake Day and Easter.


Summer Term

With better weather we can find out all about our environment in Summer. Our trip will be to the farm and will help continue our learning and understanding about the animal world. There are so many lovely stories about animals and we look forward to using stories to enhance our learning.

Towards the end of term we will explore the theme of the sea including creatures of the sea and pirates!!


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