Exciting times ahead, Saltergate - it's spring half term 1 2022 and we have plenty of plans - -look out for your knowledge organisers, Saltergate 500 opportunities and lots of ways to be a great ambassador for Saltergate!
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Saltergate Infant and Junior Schools Nursery and Gateways

Achieving Excellence Together

Our Values

Our Vision and Mission Statement


Our school provides a happy, safe and caring environment, in which each individual is respected and valued and their efforts and achievements celebrated.


Our challenging, stimulating, broad and balanced curriculum reflects the expectation that all children will maximise their potential.


Everyone within the school community is fully committed to working together to achieve these shared aims enabling us to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.



The aims and purposes of learning in our schools.

Provide all our children with a safe and happy school
in which learning is valued as an enjoyable experience.


Provide a stimulating and well resourced environment
so that high standards can be reached.


Offer children an environment where they are able to be healthy and have a good sense of well being, promoted through all aspects of the curriculum as well as designated programmes.


Create an environment where children appreciate the satisfaction to be gained from attending school regularly, hard work, persistence, and personal and class and whole school achievement.


Help children to further develop moral values, and the confidence to make considered decisions, developing habits of self-discipline and acceptable behaviour.


Help children develop the social skills and empathy required to establish good relationships with other children and adults, in work and play situations, working co-operatively together


Work with children to develop an awareness of self, sensitivity and tolerance towards others, respecting and appreciating each other's feelings, views and capabilities.


Encourage a sense of community within the school, which promotes mutual responsibility, further developed by involvement in the wider community.


Encourage children to extend their range of interests and natural enthusiasm, allowing them to develop as individuals, with confidence and self-esteem.


Nurture the partnership role between Governors, School, and Home believing that close co-operation between these parties is for the absolute benefit of the children for whom we are jointly responsible.


 Inclusive – Imaginative – Innovative


               Our logo was designed with our vision in mind. We are proud that it reflects the Saltergate ethos.

               Take a close look – it can be viewed in so many ways

·  The ‘gate’ remains - it’s a piece of our history

·  The ‘gate’ also represents children holding hands - our vision for being ‘as one’

·  The image of the children is also our three ‘I’ words – inclusive, imaginative and innovative


We live by our strengths

Inclusive – everyone counts – everyone is equal and our commitment is to each and every child

Imaginative – in a changing world, we work hard to bring new opportunities in the most creative ways to prepare our children for their future

Innovative – we lead the way with our trailblazing plans, offering children unique experiences to enhance their early and primary years – only the best is good enough for Saltergate children.





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