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This week, Anna’s dad, Scott Lambert is taking part in a sponsored charity event the ‘Ration Challenge’.


Over 11 million Syrian people – nearly half the country’s population – have been displaced because of war. They are some of the world’s most vulnerable people: resilient mothers and fathers struggling to provide for their children; sons and daughters missing out on an education; people dying for want of basic medical care; and families who, after losing everything, are not getting the support they deserve to rebuild their lives.

The money raised will help provide food ration packs to the most vulnerable – the same food as Scott will be eating during the Challenge. It will also go towards supporting Concern’s work with refugees and displaced people, and tackling hunger and extreme poverty with the most vulnerable people in the world’s poorest places.

If you’d like to support Scott Please follow the link to the donation page


This is a link  to a public post on Scott's facebook account.


This is the donation link


Good Luck Scott!



School Partnerships


Year 5 are working with some Year 9 children from Rossett High School to develop their reading skills. The children from the high school have come in as role-models and after the sessions have finished, the children from Year 5 will take on the role as role-model and work with the children in Reception.

The children's participation of The Christmas Posada

The children from the Infant school had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the passing of The Christmas Posada through our Community. The Christmas Posada refers to an 'inn' or 'shelter' in Spanish and it represents the bible story of Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem and their search for a place to stay.


The Posada box held knitted dolls of Mary and Joseph and the children got to have a look and talk about the tradition as well as the journey Mary and Joseph made. The Posada came from one of the Bilton Methodist Church's and we passed it onto Woodfield Primary School.



Junior Choir visit to Cedar Court

The children from the Junior Choir had a wonderful opportunity to go sing in for our community at the Cedar Court Hotel where the Mayor of Harrogate was in attendance. The children were excellent ambassadors for the school and put on a wonderful performance, we are very proud of you.

Our wonderful visit to The Cedar Court Hotel

Key Stage One Choir visit to The Evangelical Church

The Choir children from Key Stage One visited The Evangelical Church to sing to the members of The Rainbow Club. The children sang a selection of songs from our Christmas Nativity 'Christmas with the Aliens' and had a wonderful time spreading some Saltergate Christmas Sparkle. The members of The Rainbow Club enjoyed the children's wonderful singing.



 The Choir enjoying the walk to The Evangelical Church.



The children singing to the members of The Rainbow Club.



Reverend Jonathan Bond talking to the children after singing to members of The Rainbow Club.

Year Two visit to Fulton Lodge

All the children in year 2 took a walk up to Fulton Lodge to sing to their residents. The children sung songs from our Christmas Nativity 'Christmas with the Aliens' and they did a wonderful job as all the residents of Fulton Lodge had a lovely time and enjoyed hearing all the joyful songs. We are all so proud of the children for representing Saltergate Infant School so well as well as passing on some Christmas cheer to the members of our local community.



The Year 2 children singing to the residents of Fulton Lodge.

Year Two Choir visit to the Hospital

Our lovely year 2 Choir took a visit to the Hospital to spread some Christmas cheer in the last week of term. The children did a wonderful job of singing some of our lovely nativity and Christmas songs to the people on the hospital wards. The children also gave out Christmas cards to everyone on the wards that had been made in school.

Take a look at our year 2 choir singing to the people in the hospital.








Some more photos from the year 2 choir visit to the hospital

Take a look at our beautiful singing when we got to visit lots of people at the hospital, Fulton Lodge and The Evangelical Church to spread some Christmas cheer.
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