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NSPCC Number Day

All our children in Year One had lots of fun taking part in lots of exciting maths activities whilst learning about the NSPCC. Our children brought in a few coins from home and donated them to this important charity. They enjoyed grouping the coins into amounts and then totalling the whole amount.


In Year One, our children played an exciting 'number chase' game, whilst working with a partner. Lots of numbered card were displayed in our outdoor area. Each card number had a calculation on it. All the partners started at a different card number.  They then had to work together to find out the answer to the calculation on the card. The answer was then the number of the next card they had to find ... it was so much fun!

Our children also went on a 'number hunt,' They found numbers outside and made them using natural objects. 

In Year One, the children also enjoyed playing bingo and made their own games after completing a one hundred square.