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We have had lots of fun solving problems and measuring. Our teacher thought the oldest child would have the longest feet and the youngest child would have the shortest feet. We discussed how we could find out if she was right. Then we had lots of fun proving her wrong!


Then our teacher thought the oldest child would be the tallest and the youngest would be the shortest. Guess what? We proved her wrong again!

We have had lots of fun measuring and comparing the weight of different objects around our classrooms. We had to work out how to order the weight of the objects. Then our teachers set us a challenge to find as many things as we could that weighed 15 cubes. It was so much fun!
We had lots of fun comparing the capacities of different containers.We then had to think really carefully how to order the capacities of the containers by using our pouring skills. After that,  we estimated how many cupfuls of water we thought would fill a container and then worked out the answer. We were really surprised about some of our findings!