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The programme of study for History in Key Stage Two.


The children in Key Stage Two are taught to be inspired by History and develop a genuine interest and enjoyment in learning about past and how that links and informs their lives today. We want children to develop a chronological secure knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history. While learning about these events the children need to be able note connections, contrasts and trends over time and develop the relevant use of historical terms to explain them.

Below is an outline of the chronological History curriculum that our children will experience as a Saltergate student. 


Year Group

History Topics

Year 3

  • Stone Age (87,000BC- 20,000 BC)
  • Bronze Age (3000BC-1200BC)
  • Ancient Egypt- (3000BC-64AD)
  • Iron Age (800BC- 80AD)

Year 4

  • Ancient Greece (800BC-600AD)
  • Celts/Boudicca and Romans (750BC-476AD)
  • Local History (Links to Harrogate Library)
  • Anglo Saxons (Before Alfred  the Great) (As a topic day)

Year 5

  • The Vikings (790- 1066 AD)
  • Non-European Study- Mayan Civilisation (250BC-1697 AD)

Year 6

  • Tudors (1485-1603)
  • Battle of Britain/World War Two (1939-45)
Take a look at our History policy that outlines what we provide with History at our school. 

Our curriculum day on Black History Day

Our curriculum day on Remembrance Sunday

A very special trip to the library with Year 4 alongside an incredible history themed walking tour by Harry Akola, a local walking tour guide

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