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 Our Latest Meeting



 This was a shorter meeting as some of our Year 6 members were involved in fun sessions following their SATS exams. We were very productive as usual and reported on lunchtimes, football and Saltergrams.

The feedback about the Kindness book was very favourable and many acts of kindness are being seen in and around the school. Children were thanked in Assembly for their very valuable contributions and help in making this work.

We decided that in future, Assemblies will be used to tell children about future meetings so that the number and quality of contributions to our members will be even better.

We have therefore asked for everyone to think about ways of trying to take care of ourselves and each other as we feel this will really make a difference to many children in our school.

This will be a long term project so keep those ideas going to your Class representative!


Our next meeting will be on 2.7.18 at 2 pm in the Resources Room as it will be Sports Day on 29.6.18










Our July Meeting

We just had two items on our agenda at this meeting.

  • Reading and selecting our Kindness Book winner.
  • Planning a Wellbeing project to raise self-esteem and improve the care of everyone in our school.

It was very pleasing to read through so many entries in the Kindness Book and to share all the ways in which some of our children have shown a very caring attitude towards their peers. Our winners  will be announced in Assembly and there is one special award to a very caring Member of staff too! Well done to everyone who was nominated.

After a short discussion, it was decided that we should kickstart our Wellbeing project by producing a poster for each classroom which will show all of the ideas each class presented. Rhianna, Lily and John will approve the final design and we will show a photograph of the poster here.

Finally, Mrs Shaw would like to say a huge thank you to all of this year's Council. You have worked incredibly hard and often given up Golden Time to attend meetings. I am very proud of all of you and there will be treats to look forward to in the final week of term! I am sure many of you will represent your peers again at some future stage of your school career.



A Well Earned Reward!

Our Well-being Poster

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