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BBC Bitesize- English, Maths and Science activities for Key Stage 2 children from the BBC.

BBC Primary Literacy- Literacy activities from the BBC.

Woodlands Junior School- lots of great Literacy links.

Coxhoe-Durham School- lots of KS1 and KS2 Literacy links.

Woodlands Junior- lots of Maths games.

Maths Zone- masses of activities covering all aspects of Maths.

BBC Primary Numeracy- Numeracy activities from the BBC.

Maths Mansion- Maths adventure game from Channel 4.


Scientific method song lyrics

Scientific method song clip.

Natural History Museum- kids only section of the museums website.

Teaching Ideas- lots of useful Science resources.

Woodlands Junior School- lots of great science links.

UK Space Agency- the British National Space Centre's learning zone.

BBC Primary Science- Science activities from the BBC.

Access Art- Drawing Together- learn to draw for 7 year olds and above.

Show Me- this site links to games and activities from UK's museums and art galleries.

Material World- explore different types of materials used to create art.

Art of Many Lands- a site that shows examples of art from different countries and cultures.

Creating Music- children can create online music.

Musical Mysteries- a BBC activite that explores beat.

Coach's Clipboard- a basketball coaching site with plays, drills, articles, players tips, animated play diagrams and video clips.

General Links
BBC Schools- primary activites from the BBC

Enchanted Learning- lots of information on rainforests.

Rainforest facts- information and links on rainforests.

Crickweb- primary interactive resources.

Topmarks- teaching resources, homework help and educational websites.

Education City- engaging interactive activites including revision and assessment tools, which canbe used for teaching or at home.


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