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In the Foundation Stage, music is planned as part of creative development and children work towards the Early Learning Goals. Our children have the opportunity to sing, play musical games, explore sounds, dance and move to different kinds of music. Although some of these activities are integrated throughout the day, discrete music lessons are also planned usually on a weekly basis. Children focus on singing simple songs from memory. These might include nursery rhymes, action songs, topic related songs or counting songs. They have opportunities to match movement to music by responding to their own singing, tuned or untuned percussion instruments or a pre-recorded piece of music. They recognise and explore how sounds can be changed and investigate repeated sounds and sound patterns.


All children in our Reception Classes have the opportunity to take part in our exciting 'Music Makers' after school club. This club is such great fun. It focuses on making music in a variety of exciting ways using instruments, vocal sounds, body sounds and singing. 

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