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English in Year 4 focuses on developing skills with grammatical sentence construction and increasing the range in punctuation used. Creative writing runs through this, alongside regular reading and pupils having strong motivation and purpose for writing. Editing and improving is also developed through reflecting and resilience, 2 of our 5 R's. 

Take a look at our amazing first person narratives as a Greek Soldier and Australian Rainforest setting descriptions!

Discovering our senses in the woods

We love to take our learning outside. When we are creating interesting and captivating descriptive writing, we like to go outside and use our surroundings to help us generate imaginative language. We use our five senses to explore our environment and then include this in our descriptive writing.

Exploding texts in English

In year 4, we love to write in different styles and genres and we enjoy linking it to our topic work. Our writing has to have a purpose and we always think about our reader and the purpose of writing for them. We begin our learning by exploding example texts, to help us gain a deep understanding of the style of text we are writing. Here we are looking in detail at the structure and content of formal letters. 


We love to read in Year 4 and what better way to celebrate it than taking part in the annual World Book Day. On this special occasion we like to take some time to visit a reading cafe to enjoy some quiet time with our books with a warming hot chocolate, we like to snuggle under a blanket and read by torchlight and we love to look at lots of different text types and genres. It goes without saying that we absolutely love to dress up as our favourite character!