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Earth Day 2022

We had a fascinating day learning about 'Earth Day.' This year's theme was 'Invest In Our Planet.'


Firstly, we had a lively discussion about what we should all do to protect and care for our planet.  We decided that everyday should be an 'Earth Day' as we should try to take care of our planet every day of  every year!  We only have one planet Earth, so we must take care of it! We discussed how we could switch off electrical appliances when they are not being used,  turn off taps, plant more flowers and trees, take shorter showers,  put all rubbish in the bin to keep our world tidy and safe and also reduce, reuse and recycle rubbish. Then all our children wrote pledges to remind them what we need to do to everyday to invest in our planet and take care of our world.


We learnt about a famous girl called Greta Thunberg. Her inspiring life story made us all realise that you are never to small to make a difference! 


To help invest in our planet, we also decided that we must keep fit so we could all walk, cycle or scooter to nearby places, instead of wasting petrol and causing pollution by using a car. We then had lots of fun keeping fit by doing some zumba and some running challenges around our running track. 


We also talked about how lucky we are to have such a beautiful world. We learnt about our world's amazing resources and talked about what makes our world so special. After that, we listened to a beautiful song called 'What a Wonderful World,' sung by Louis Armstrong. We then illustrated the lyrics and put our beautiful pictures together to produce a collaborative work of art. 


We had such an amazing day, full of fun and essential learning. 

Look at all the fun we had...