Our schools are open to all children and the Saltergate 'buzz' has returned. We're delighted!
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Whole School return March 8th 2021 Information for families

Letter about the last day of term

Parent notification of single case.

This letter only applies to you if you have received a text message containing the link.


Music, drama and dance RISK ASSESSMENT October 2020


Return to School information for parents


Back to school!

We're excited to have all of our children back at school and to welcome our new reception, nursery and Gateways children.


Please find above, our return to school information which will ensure that risks are as low as we can make them. Thank you for your support in keeping to our safery rules.






Well done Saltergate! It was hugely important to bring the children back to school for the last month. This team effort, staff, parents, goernors and children helped us to make a big difference to the mental health and wellbeing of our families.

We hope you have a wonderful summer ...and we'll see you in September!



Saltergate schools have the support of the Governing Body to commence with the 'All back to school' plans.

From 22/06/2020, places requested (by parents for children in all year groups) have been allocated. 

If you are returning to work and need our help, please contact the helpline to discuss your requirements.

Thank you for your kindness and patience whilst our safety and action plans have been scrutinised to ensure that we lead with the best provision for your children.





Thank you for completing the online survey and making your requests for school places from 22 / 06/ 2020. The information has now been shared with governors and there will be an update on Wednesday 17th June.

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.




The Secretary of State for Education made a statement yesterday, along with further information from the Prime Minister today during the Coronavirus daily update, regarding the government's plan for all children to return to school. The plan has now changed from an expectation for all children to return before the summer holidays to schools in England having flexibility to welcome back more children if they have capacity to safely do so.

So, in light of this, we would like to gather your opinions for school provision from 22nd June. The outcome of your views will help us to make an informed decision about the way forward.


Any offers of school provision from 22nd June will be communicated to families registering their interest through this survey.

The survey closes on Friday 12th June at 4pm.  After which, the data submitted will be analysed to see if the number of requests are compatible with increasing our provision in a safe and considered manner. 



Gateways and Nursery Survey -


Main School Survey -





Dear Parents / Carers


Saltergate Schools will open tomorrow (Monday 1st June) to the selected year groups recommended by the Government.  These include children in Gateways, Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. The children will be on a part-time contact timetable which is entirely appropriate and in line with North Yorkshire's expectations of us.

Working in this way means our bubbles are half the size of the recommended group size suggested by the government.

We are mindful that we are still missing our other year groups and, in the next few weeks, we hope to welcome everyone back - at that point it really will be time to celebrate.
Although it has been a difficult three weeks, with much negativity around re-opening schools, it is important to remember that we never actually closed! For the past ten weeks, we have provided a flexible service for our key-worker parents so that they have been able to work tirelessly to keep everyone as safe as possible. In addition, the school has made provision for some children who are deemed to be vulnerable, who might have found it more difficult to learn remotely.

I am proud of how our school community has worked together and supported each other with kindness during these very difficult times. We have all taken on new challenges and responsibilities with Saltergate grit and determination. 
Tomorrow is another step forward in returning to some sort of 'new normal'. My team has worked so hard to be ready to accept more children into school. I have let each of them know how blessed I feel to work with such caring and committed people who strive every day to offer our children the best of everything .... and opening tomorrow is a true reflection of that.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Your emails, phone calls and letters of appreciation have been a true source of inspiration and motivation for our team.


My best wishes


Linda Mortimer





Information to share with your child Return to School 01 06 2020


Saltergate Schools, Nursery and Gateways Risk Assessment 01 06 2020


28/05/2020 Staggered start and finish times and guidance for parents


27/05/2020 Guidance for parents and children for the return of wider groups 01/06/2020


26/05/2020 Please Read: The safe provision for wider groups returning to school on 1st June 2020



Let's say a huge thank you to the Saltergate teachers for working through May half term to support the key workers and vulnerable families.

You are amazing, Team Saltergate!


Wider Opening Offer Letter for Gateways, Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6




Let's say a huge thank you to the Saltergate teachers for working through their Easter holidays (including bank holidays) to support the key workers and vulnerable families.

You are amazing, Team Saltergate!


20 03 2020


Please take a look at the school information regarding key workers and school provision for children.


You will find the guidance by following the links to the GOV.UK website.


If you are unsure about whether or not you meet the criteria, please send us a message through the email address.


Thank you for your support in what are challenging times for all of us.




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