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Consultation with you - what have we done?


We consulted with you through the newsletter regarding the new School Improvement Plans. Thank you for your ideas which we have added into the Plan.


Junior children, thank you for sharing your ideas in assembly about the way we organise 'tuck',

Thank you for your healthy option ideas. 


Year 6 asked if they could help re-design the Reading Challenge so that more children are fully included.

Your ideas are fabulous - thank you for being so honest.

Children will now read at least 3 times each week and read for the designated number of minutes. The star incentives will roll forward so that every child is successful. 

Your idea about the million word club end of year event was well received by the rest of the school - thank you!

MARCH 2018

In a meeting with the headteacher, two Year 6 pupils asked if the teachers could inform them monthly about the 'minutes per week' reading information to help them understand how well they are doing with their commitment to achieving the standard  - so we are!


We introduced an updated Reading Challenge for junior children to include 'regular sustained reading' to improve progress across the year groups. Thank you for helping us!


We asked you about your child's involvement in sporting activities outside of school so that we have a better idea about how to use or precious sports funding effectively - thank you for the responses!


You asked us for more information about how well your child was doing. Our Wellbeing Reports will give you a clear idea of the School's expectations and how we can help you to meet them.

In February, we will send you a different report about your child's progress.


We started our new Accelerated Reader to help improve standards of reading and to help you support your child more at home.

SEPTEMBER 17  We consulted with all parents through the newsletter asking for your views about our communication with you.


JULY 2017    

 We reported back on the changes we will make to our PE provision over the next year following your responses to the PE questionnaire.


We consulted with you about our new 'improvement plan' for the school year 2017 - 2018.  We will share our new objectives within the first couple of weeks of the new school year.


JUNE 2017 - We need to know your thoughts on reading at home.


We are updating our Reading Challenge in the Junior School to involve more children.

Please let us know your good ideas for a new way forward.



MAY 2017 - We consulted with parents about the specialist sports provision. The response rate was strong.

Soon we will share our findings with you and our plans for September 2017.


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