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Charges to Parents


We do not make any charges for activities within school or for our extra-curricular school clubs.

We do not make any charge to parents of service children for providing a daily escort for the children.

We hold a Wacky Wednesday event twice a year for two hours after school. This is event is a fundraising event for which we charge £5 which includes a light tea.*

For junior aged children, we hold two discos each year. For this activity, we charge £5 including a light tea.*


For the recorder lessons in Year 2, children will need a recorder and a book. The cost of these items is £10.00


The 15 hours entitlement in Early Years (Gateways and Gateways) is completely free of charge.

£10.50 per three-hour session

£4 for lunchtime care


* If families owe a debt to the school (e.g Dinner Money, Gateways Fees) we may ask for a small amount to be paid off the debt prior to purchasing tickets for optional fundraising events such as Wacky Wednesday/School Disco.


Exceptions are made under the charging policy with the purchase of recorders and books. If parents are unable to fulfill this charge, the school will pay in circumstances where families are eligible for the pupil premium grant.



You can read about this in more detail on our Charging Policy. (See policies section).

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